Why did you choose a career path within sports?

First, I thought sports were cool and I was cool at one point in time. Second, I’m kind of awkward and nerdy and when I started my career there didn’t seem to be that many awkward and nerdy people in sports, so I thought I could stand out. Finally, I love the power of the platform! People in pro sports can leverage their position to do a lot of good!

Favorite event, project or client you’ve worked on in your career?

Building Pro Sports Assembly and working on the very first FIFA World Cup Human Rights plan.

Which tech or digital innovation do you think will have the greatest impact in sports over the next few years?


Best piece of career advice you’ve ever received?

1) Master the mundane. 2) Big time is where you’re at.

Worst piece of career advice you’ve ever received?

Fake it ’till you make it.

What is your favorite sporting moment of all time?

So many epic moments. From being a doping attaché for the first Olympic Trials for triathlon to seeing the US Men’s National Basketball Team fall to Argentina (both unexpectedly incredibly emotional experiences), to watching Serena crush balls, my favorite guys win hoops titles and Austin FC’s very first home MLS match…I’m old so I’ve had some fun ones! But my favorite is with my family. We have a tradition of playing a game on Christmas Eve every year. It could be flag football, whirly ball, or bowling, but it’s always followed by a cook-off. Two back-to-back contests with some of the best trash-talking small body athletes ever.

Who is your biggest inspiration within the sports industry?

My Dad.

If you could travel to any point in time (past or future), where and when would you want to go, and why?

I would want to meet my maternal grandfather who died when my Mother was 16.

Who was the biggest help to get your career started in the sports industry?

John Underwood

Favorite Vacation Destination?

Anywhere in Mexico or Colombia

Favorite Local Restaurant, Bar or Hang-out?

Austin: Fonda San Miguel

Go-to sports industry resource?

Do old-fashioned phone calls count?

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