Why did you choose a career path within sports?

In college, I thought I would be a pharmacist but my career path quickly changed after I had to spend a day shadowing at a local pharmacy. On top of that chemistry was way over my head and a stick and a ball is more my style. I wanted to be in an industry that was fun and that I had a passion for. Sports provided that opportunity.

Favorite event, project or client you’ve worked on in your career?

First-time events are always memorable for me, and since I work across such a vast spectrum of sports there isn’t one that stands out as a favorite. Some examples of first-time events that come to mind are the 2018 NCAA Men’s Basketball 1st & 2nd Rounds (the first time that event came to Wichita in 24 years), 2021 NASCAR at COTA, and 2021 CONCACAF Gold Cup Semi-Finals at Q2 Stadium.

I’m also looking forward to the first-time events for Austin at the new Moody Center (PBR Team Series and the Spurs to highlight a couple).

Which tech or digital innovation do you think will have the greatest impact in sports over the next few years?

There are so many cool, forward-thinking strategic collaborations happening here in Austin between technology and sports, and I’m just excited I’m along for the ride. In-stadium fan engagement has always been fascinating to me and I love seeing the creativity in trying to attract new audiences to sports. NASCAR has done a great job at this lately.

I’m also interested in what role sports betting plays within sports facilities in the coming years. Kudos to Chris Quinn & Alison Roscoe at Austin FC for establishing a sports betting partnership at Q2 Stadium, especially ahead of sports betting being legal in Texas.

Best piece of career advice you’ve ever received?

Be a kind person.

Worst piece of career advice you’ve ever received?


What is your favorite sporting moment of all time?

If you know me personally, you know I’m a huge Oklahoma State fan so I could mention a number of games/moments that are up there on my list… BUT, Austin FC’s opening match at Q2 and then their first win at home will be the sports experiences that will be hard to beat. I’ve been fortunate to attend a lot of big-time sporting events and the energy in the stadium was something I’ve never experienced before.

Who is your biggest inspiration within the sports industry?

I look up to everyone that’s involved on the Board of Directors at the Austin Sports Commission. If I had to specifically call out a couple of folks, I would say Jack Murray (Owner at High Five Events) and J.J. Gottsch (CEO of the Austin Gamblers). Jack and J.J. have worked their tails off throughout their careers and established so many great relationships both locally and throughout the sports industry. Most importantly, they’re kind and generous people. I hope someday when I’m retired I can look back and say I made an impact on someone else’s life and career like they’ve impacted mine.

If you could travel to any point in time (past or future), where and when would you want to go, and why?

As an Oklahoma State fan, I’d go back to 2011 and tell Mike Gundy to not kick the field goal against Iowa State. We should’ve been in the Natty that year but the BCS computers wanted the rematch of Alabama/LSU (9-6 final score… boring!).

Who was the biggest help to get your career started in the sports industry?

Jared Shope, Elisa Fogle, Adam Nuse & JJ Gottsch. These folks took a chance on me and helped me get my first internship with the Corpus Christi Hooks. That was one of the most fun summers I’ve ever had and it’s when I knew I wanted to work in sports.

Favorite Vacation Destination?

Cabo & Barcelona.

Favorite Local Restaurant, Bar or Hang-out?

Austin: Bury me with a chicken lollipop from Tommy Want Wingy in my hand.

Go-to sports industry resource?

The Joe Pomp Show (Podcast).

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